We are filmmakers in Adelaide producing virtually every type of video up to and including feature films. Our Dale Street Studios division records music, voiceovers, ADR, etc., in our new custom-built sound and film recording studio.

We can make corporate videos, short movies, music videos, television programmes and feature films.

High definition cameras are used exclusively, with our own crane and extensive audio equipment.

Our services include production, casting, directing, videoing, cinematography, continuity, lighting, sound recording, editing, animation, web video conversion, DVD and Blu-ray disc creation.

ARTPHOTOS - Independent Filmmakers in Adelaide, Australia

Artphotos Pty Ltd

P O Box 3563

Port Adelaide, SA 5015


To contact us:

Phone: +61 (0)408 426 546

Email: colinDELETETHISTEXT@artphotos.com.au