Paul has an artistic background in portrait painting, photography and music. He has a wealth of life experiences working in a broad variety of professions which have given him an insight into understanding people and communication. An element that he feels is invaluable in story telling and making movies.

He has taught film editing classes for Adobe Premiere Pro and has attended various filmmaking courses including the Digital Media World "DV Fest", the QPIX "Making Movies: A-Z of Filmmaking" master class and the QPIX "Lighting Workshop".

Paul worked as a professional singer for ten years, so has special expertise in music videos. He is also a qualified Sound Engineer.

ARTPHOTOS - Independent Filmmakers in Adelaide, Australia

Artphotos Pty Ltd

P O Box 3563

Port Adelaide, SA 5015


To contact us:

Phone: +61 (0)408 426 546


Credits include:

Director - Tea is for Tarot, Drag Web, Head & Heart, The Riley Chronicles, Believe This !, Performance Anxiety, Julian Westerweel music videos, Nick Matthews music videos, Fraud Millionaires "Westside Love" music video and numerous Capulet music videos.

Writer - Tea is for Tarot, Head & Heart.

Editor - Psychotic Episode, Subject to Approval, Tea is for Tarot, The chil. Archives, Drag Web, Head & Heart, Escape, The Riley Chronicles, Performance Anxiety, Tense Intentions, Julian Westerweel Music Videos, Nick Matthews Music Videos, Capulet Music Videos, etc.

Colour Timer - Psychotic Episode, Tea is for Tarot.

Stills Photography - Subject to Approval, 120 Seconds.

Sound - Subject to Approval, The chil. Archives.

Music - Psychotic Episode, Stuck, Doggie Narc, 120 Seconds, Subject to Approval, Drag Web, Performance Anxiety, Tense Intentions.